Three Peaks for Neil

There will be a group of 18 of Neil's family and friends who will be completing the Three Peaks Challenge for Neil during the August 2015 bank holiday weekend raising money for The Neil Vines Trust. This page will provide details of the event and also introduce you all to the team members. Once all details have been confirmed, Just Giving details will also be avaiable if you would like to sponsor any of the members. 


The reason for completing this challenge is simple. Neil completed the Three Peaks Challenge on a stepper; and if he can do it whilst undergoing chemotherapy then the team can do it too! Neil would have loved to have seen the view from the top, but sadly this was not possible. With Neil as our inspiration for completing this mammouth task, we hope that he will be with us every step of the way.


You will have hopefully read what the Three Peaks consist of in Neil's Fundraising page, but to summarise it involves:


Climbing the three tallest mountains in the UK in 24 hours! They are Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, and Snowdon in North Wales with the heights being; 1344m, 978m and 1085m respectively. 


The team will depart from Gloucester area at approximately 5am on Saturday 29th August. It will take between 9 and 10 hours to complete the journey up to Ben Nevis. The team will then aim to commence walking up Ben Nevis at 4 pm. From here, they will all walk up and down Ben Nevis before driving to Scafell Pike and completing the same before continuing on to Snowdon. The big push will be to finish all three peaks in less than 24 hours, which means the team will hopefully be finished in Snowdon by 4 pm on Sunday 30th August. By this point all members will be extremely tired and in much need of a shower! Accommodation has been arranged in a hostel where the team plan to eat, sleep and of course raise a glass to Neil!


Please see below for details of the team members! Click on the names or pictures to see their Just Giving pages. Any donations recieved will be truelly appreciated by all, including the family as every little raised will help towards the purchase of a lodge for young cancer sufferers to enjoy a special escape away.


More pictures and details of each member are below. Click on training to get a glimpse of what the team has been doing.

Adam Vines

"As brothers, Neil and I had a very close bond from a young age, and for the time that he was ill, the bond grew. We used to complain about not seeing each other enough (more me complaining!) but when Neil became ill, I struggled to leave his side. I saw Neil mature and develop as an individual and build on his already mighty determination as he battled the disease. Neil has done every one of us proud with what he accomplished in a short space of time, which included all of his challenges. This challenge is just the beginning of what I will be doing for you Neil. For you I will do anything, and my goal is to ensure that your charity finds its feet and helps those that you started to. Wish you were with us climbing in person, but we will see the peaks for you!"

Sarah Vines

"Im Sarah, one of Neil's older sisters. I am six years older than Neil and can still remember the day he was born and visiting him in hospital. From that day forward and for the next 22 years I completely doted on him. Neil could never do anything wrong, and he was spoilt rotten by his older siblings. The little bear of the family, Neil was always well protected. It hurts to know that we couldn't have done any more to keep Neil with us - I would give anything for him to be here now, however I am so glad I spent every ounce of spare time by his side, helping to make his life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Neil is the voice in my head each day and he will always be my inspiration. I will keep going because of Neil". 

Phil Malatesta

"My name is Phil. I first met Neil in the summer of 2012, we had an amazing summer working on a sports team at a five star hotel on the island of Crete! I knew instantly we would be friends for life, we had the same sense of humour and interests.

The motivation behind me completing the Three Peaks is Neil and the strong and determined character that he was. He will continue to motivate me forever."


Ben Marshall

"Neil and I have been best friends since Year 7. My first memory of Neil was when the school had a rowing competition and Neil begged me to race. From the moment I said yes, was the moment I signed up to be a part of the greatest duo to ever be seen. During our school years Neil and I were always together, did everything together and were rarely apart. Neil's determination has always been his strongest attribute before and during cancer, and it always rubbed off on others. Because of our competitiveness that was formed between our friendship, Neil and I would always set ourselves crazy challenges and always said "when we're older we WILL do this challenge". Neil has been such a big part of my life and has given me enough determination to last forever and I vow to never let that fade, so these challenges better look out because Ben Marshall is coming and he's got Neil Vines on his shoulder! WE GOT THIS!"

Jo Meadows

"My name is Jo and Neil was a close friend of mine. I remember Neil back from playgroup up until secondary school. Years later we got chatting and met up a few times. When Neil's battle began, we had a 'heart to heart' and I knew we would always be close. With speaking every day, Neil was the only person who gave me encouragement and a guaranteed laugh with his cheeky jokes. After seeing his strength and bravery, I am now always optimistic and motivated. Having Neil's friends and family come together for his own charity is something he would have loved to have seen. So to our true hero, we will make a toast to you and the first of many challenges to come!".

Emily Reed

"My name is Emily and I know Neil through my brother Will. They were best friends and we then also became good friends. He became part of the family really, as most days he used to come over and stay with us all the time. I am doing Three Peaks Challenge as I really want to support the charity as much as possible and it will be great to get together and remember the happy times with Neil. It will also be an extrmelly amazing challenge to do!"

Alex Turley

"Hello, my name is Alex. I met Neil and the family when I moved to the same housing estate as them. It didn't take long before Neil and the family became part of my life. Neil loved the kisses with my dog and they were so gentle with each other. I will always remember walking the dog past Neil's garage on purpose just to see if he was inside doing one of his many challenges. If he was, then we would end up chatting for ages. I want to climb the Three Peaks to raise sponsorship and awareness for The Neil Vines Trust. What Neil has achieved in 22 years is incredible and I want his memory to live forever."

Ben Dorrington

"I met Neil through his sister Sarah in 2011. He was fun loving, competitive and immediately took to mocking my dress sense and old car! I was struck by how talented he was in the fields of sport and music. I have fond memories of him taking me weight training at his gym and my chest aching for days afterwards! Annoyingly he could also throw a tennis ball much further than me as he liked to prove on several occasions! Positive in the face of adversity Neil is the bravest person I have had the privilege to call my friend."

Eve Kamilla

"My name is Eve & I knew Neil throughout our teens.  We used to row together; he was one of the first at Gloucester Rowing Club that made me feel welcomed.  We may not have stayed close, but we spent a lot of our time together at races around the Midlands & South West.  I am taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge to support Neil's Charity & his family; & to also be able to meet people that knew Neil throughout various stages of his life."

Will Reed

Hi my name is Will. I first met Neil when we were 14 in my garage, which may sound like a strange place for a friendship to start. But that's where we started writing our music together and formed our first band. He is my best friend and more like a brother, we did everything together it felt like he was part of my family! I remember he took me to the gym for the first time and that's where my love for fitness started. He was a very motivational person and to this day his motivation and determination for anything still truly inspires me, especially when he was battling cancer. I will never forget him and will never forget about our friendship!  I'm doing the Three Peaks Challenge because I want to help his charity as much as possible. He's made me a very motivational person so I'm determined to complete this challenge for him and many more to come! 

Sophie Jarvis

"Hi my name is Sophie. I knew of Neil through my boyfriend Will. They were best friends and experienced so much together and I've heard many MANY Stories about the antics they used to get up to from him and Emily. Unfortunately I never got to meet him but his legend well and truly lives on. He was a truly inspiring man and still motivates so many people to this day! I am doing three peaks in his memory and to raise money for an amazing cause. To experience this with his friends and family is an honour and will definitely be something to talk about for years to come!"

Danielle Toon Esson

"My name is Danielle. I know Neil through our secondary school Severn Vale and through his best friend and my childhood best friend Ben Marshall. I will be climbing the three peaks carrying Neil in my thoughts the whole way. Neil inspires me and keeps me motivated even on the hard days, he achieved some incredible achievements in his short but beautiful 22 years. I only wish to do him proud and hope with all of my heart that wherever he may be he is watching down smiling his contagious smile at his family and his friends coming together raising money, ensuring his memory and his name lives on forever and ever. Because of you Neil, I won't give up.️

Sophie Griffin

"My name is Sophie Griffin. I didn't know Neil personally but I have heard his story though a close friend of his. I am taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge as his story really did touch me. He was such an inspirational person and has certainly inspired me. His story really is incredible and needs to be shared."

Fiona Cormie

“Hi, I’m Fi, and I am a very good friend of Neil’s sister Sarah.  Neil always surprised me with his amazing achievements both before and after his illness and I feel really privileged to have been able to experience his bravery, incredible motivation to help others and his hilarious sense of humour both first and second hand.  I know I’ll find this challenge tough but the thought of Neil will be help me to keep on pushing.”

Katie Griffiths

"My name is Katie Griffiths and I spent some of the best months of my life out in Crete with Neil. We only spent 2 months together but instantly I knew we would be great friends forever! Neil was always such a great person to be around, always cracking jokes and making me laugh. I want to live for this incredible person now and carry on doing challenges to help raise awareness and money for Neil's charity. I want to push myself and keep moving forward and keep smiling as that is exactly how Neil was! He will always be my inspiration and will always be remembered a true hero! X"

Mike Sodden

More details to follow.

Jo Culligan

"My name is Johanna but Neil use to call me The Johan! I had the pleasure of working with Neil in Crete during the summer of 2012, I got to spend a lot of time with Neil as he would always hang out at mine and Phil’s apartment. Neil always made me laugh whether it was him cracking jokes or hearing about his antics in Malia the night before. My motivation for doing the Three Peaks is looking at how strong Neil was and everything he accomplished. Neil you will always be the man!"

Matt Parkinson

“I was never lucky enough to meet Neil in person but witnessing the impact his grit and determination had on so many people makes me proud to be involved in the challenge. I’m honoured to help out with raising awareness and funds for the charity which will no doubt make a huge difference to the lives of others in the future.”

We will be joined by other family members to complete Snowdon with us! 

Judith Vines

"I'm Neil's Mum Judith. One day in August 2013, on our summer holiday to Wales, we were going to take Neil to the top of Snowdon on the train so he could see the amazing views, but the train was fully booked that day. Unfortunately, we never had another opportunity to take Neil so I'm going to take that train to be at the top of Snowdon to meet all of Neil's wonderful family and friends as they complete the last stage of this incredible challenge for Neil's charity."

Mark Vines

More details to follow.

Nicola Vines

More details to follow.

Rachel Vines

More details to follow.