Many charities helped Neil throughout his two year, seven month battle with cancer. The charities were instrumental in providing opportunities to bond, laugh and build lasting memories together through weekends away, special days and holidays. Below are some examples of the charities that helped provide us with those treasured memories.

The Willow Foundation


The Willow Foundation provided an unforgettable experience for Neil by organising a special day meeting Ben Fogle on 8th July 2014. 


Steph's Wishes


Steph's Wishes provided Neil and our family a weekend to a special place that Neil loved. The cottage was located in an idylic position on the waters edge. Please revisit soon to discover more about this amazing weekend.


Sail 4 Cancer


A Christmas getaway! Thanks to Sail 4 Cancer Neil had a fantastic weekend in Longleat Centre Parcs, where he was able to enjoy a hot tub despite his disabilities at the time. Please revisit soon to discover more about this amazing weekend.

Rob George Foundation


Neil continually dreamed of achieving further challenges. The Rob George Foundation supplied Neil with a recumbent bike, or trike as we knew it, for Neil to regain his independence and cycle with his siblings again. Please revisit soon to learn more of Neil's biking adventures.

Paul's Fund


In May 2014 Neil was able to celebrate achieving his 200th mile on his charity bike ride in Croyde, thanks to Paul's Fund. To read on clcik here.