The Neil Vines Trust


The Neil Vines Trust has been established to give young people living with cancer the opportunity to enjoy a special escape with their families.


It is the charity's aim to purchase a lodge in the Cotswolds which will give young people living with cancer and their families the chance to have a special weekend away. This escape from the harsh realities of cancer will give them the opportunity to laugh, relax, explore and create precious memories together.


The Neil Vines Trust has been established in Neil's memory by us, his family. Neil sadly passed away in April 2015 following almost 3 years fighting brain cancer.


The inspiration behind The Neil Vines Trust has come from our own experiences whilst caring for Neil. Many charities helped Neil and the family throughout his battle against cancer by giving us opportunities to spend quality time together, in the form of special weekends away. You can see these weekends away, along with the other help Neil and the family received by going to Neil's Supporters, in Neil's Story.


Despite being ill, Neil always wanted to be living life to the full. He taught us that time is precious, and you really have to make the most of the time you have left. It is with this attitude Neil achieved as much as he did in his short 22 years. It was always Neil's ambition to help others, so we as the family wish to continue Neil's legacy through the charity by helping others to create lasting memories, as we did with Neil.


Proceeds from the sales of Neil's memoir will go towards the charity, so your help in promoting Neil's message and his memoir will help us in growing Neil's charity and this in turn will give others in a similar situation the opportunity they deserve. 


We have worked hard to create a unique identity for Neil's charity, and as his name is known around the world it seemed appropriate to showcase Neil's legacy and use his name as the charity heading. 


It didn't take long for us to decide on the logo; for those that have read Neil's memoir, Powerful Beyond Measure, you will notice the connection between the design and his nickname. As the youngest of six children Neil was the 'little bear' of the family and as such he was affectionately known as 'bear' to his siblings. What do bears leave behind whilst walking...paw prints of course! The paw print also symbolises Neil's incredible self-motivation and positivity in his epic feat of learning to walk again, after 8 months of intensive treatment. It also felt apt to emphasise Neil's moto, "One step at a time" because he quite literally took each day as it came. Neil always enjoyed finding positive quotes and meaningful sayings to keep motivated, but this one was always top of the list and he lived by this saying. It featured so prominently in Neil's mindset that he got it tattooed, very appropriately, on his left foot. 


The charity is using Just Giving to raise money which will give us the added advantage of utilising Gift Aid. If you would like more information on how to donate, fundraise or set up your own page in memory of Neil, please click on Fundraising. Here you will also be able to see those who are fundraising for The Neil Vines Trust. A massive thank you to all those supporters who have already raised money for the charity! The charity already has exciting plans for the future, with more information to be found in the Fundraising section.


As you may have read on the Neil's Supporters page, the family were helped by Sail 4 Cancer who operate as part of the 4 Cancer Group. With very similar charity aims, The Neil Vines Trust will be operating as part of the 4 Cancer Group - Registered Charity 1090133.

Wristbands for The Neil Vines Trust are now available! They are £2 each with all proceeds going to the charity. Please click on Wristbands if you would like to find out about getting youself one. There are 2 sizes. We now have a constant reminder of Neil when we wear these on our wrists and will forever carry him around with us.