Neil's 23rd Birthday - A day to remember


It would have been Neil's 23rd on 20th November 2015. Neil always enjoyed celebrating his birthdays and as a family we always made them as special as we could whilst he was ill. For his 21st, he had a trip to the Lion King in London and a family clay pigeon shoot (which Neil won!) and for his 22nd he was able to show off his strength with a pinata followed by a Vines' mockup of the game show 'The Cube'!


As siblings, many a happy hour was spent at Cattle Country so it seemed fitting that we should return to enable us to remember Neil on what would otherwise have been a sad day. However Neil wouldn't want us to be sad and would love nothing more than seeing his family, friends and supporters all together for an afternoon of fun.


All proceeds from the afternoon will continue the family's ambition to give young people living with cancer the opportunity to enjoy a special escape with their families.


Neil's party at Cattle Country on the 21st November was a huge success! It had members of Neil's family and friends acting as kids again whilst they ran around the play area. With lots of games organised, participants soon found themselves dressed up in fancy dress costumes (this of course was another favourite of Neil's). From blindfolded races, assualt courses and eating challeneges, the afternoon was a competition between 2 teams.


Each team, Captained by cousins David and Judith (who wore a wig to represent their position - with David quite happy with his new red hair complete with Devil's horns!) picked their teams and then set about solving an anagram to discover their team names. The team names were 'Dancing Through Monday' and 'My Reckless Pandamonium' which were of course the names of 2 of Neil's bands.


A huge thank you to everyone that came and supported the charity. Neil would have laughed looking down at so many grown adults being kids again! With the afternoon also being a competition, a big well done to My Reckless Pandamonium who won by finding the bear in the ball pit during the last game!

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